House Rules

These rules also can be read in a folder in the house.

The welfare and safety of you and your children during your stay are our highest priority. Please read this section of the map thoroughly.


Swimming pool

According to Portuguese law, a fence has been installed so that all accesses to the pool can be closed. But this can cause a false sense of security. NEVER leave small children unattended at the pool. The responsibility for the use of the pool remains with the parents (tenants). The homeowner can not be held responsible for accidents. Provide constant supervision if children use the pool.


Pets are not allowed around the house.


We kindly ask you not to smoke inside. People who still smoke please carry extra care of your cigarette butts. Due to the often drought it is all very flammable.


There is a gas barbeque. Please clean the BBQ after use.


All household waste and glass should be removed by the tenant and taken away to the container at about 100 meters from the house.

Furniture (indoor)

Because pool and sun damage the furniture, we ask not to sit on the chairs and sofa with wet bathing clothst.

Celebrations and parties

Of course you are free to invite guest. After 22.00 it is not allowed to make much noise. Please have respect for the tranquility that prevails here.

Cars and parking

There is sufficient space for cars to park.


Before going to bed please turn off all the outside lights.


Our private belongings are in the closed part of the repository near the pool. This is not accessible to the tenants.



Upon departure please check the following :

• All waste is taken away
• The BBQ is cleaned
• Both inside and outside everything is in the same place so that future tenants also know the right place
• Refrigerator and freezer are completely empty
• All perishable foods are removed from the cabinets